Staff Scheduling

Plan who is working, when, where, and communicate the details.

Easy Email Templates

Quickly create templates and customize the subject, body and whether or not the message is a mass email (sent to many people at once), or you want each staff email to be unique. Use “mail merge” fields to automatically include details about the event such as date, time, location, and more.

Your Email, Your Way

Choose which contacts you’d like to email, and Cheetah will open a new message with merged fields directly in your native email application. This means you can use and keep all functionality of Gmail, Outlook, etc. when sending staff scheduling emails. See all of your sent messages, ask for read-receipts, and more.

Licenses & Certifications

Does your business require staff members to be trained or licensed in particular areas of expertise? Track certifications, licenses, or special training. Know when it expires, set reminders, and track notes related to the certification or license.

Ready to organize staff and crew assignments?

Know who’s confirmed and how many more people are needed per event. Create and send email templates from your existing email application.