Manage Sales & Customer Relationships

With a strong emphasis on customer relationship management, Cheetah helps you drive sales and grow your business. Finally, a CRM built for specifically for the live events industry.

Contacts & Accounts

Staying organized in sales isn’t an easy task, but our built-in CRM makes it easy to track contacts, their organizations (accounts) and their potential sales, notes, and special pricing or details you need to run your business.

  • Relate Contacts to Accounts and track relationships
  • Share contact information with other users
  • Never lose details on individuals, companies, or organizations you serve

Estimates & Invoices

Your customer calls and wants pricing information to buy, rent, or hire you. Create an estimate for them.  Track notes about their potential sale and know when to follow up. Need multiple estimates? No problem. An account can have unlimited estimates in various stages tied to a potential sale.

Once your estimate has been accepted, mark your potential sale as “won” and send the client an invoice.

  • Seamlessly push line items from estimates to invoices and avoid double entry
  • Send your customers engaging estimates and invoices
  • Build your estimate while seeing real time inventory

Potential Sales

We make it easy to track potential deals with your customers. Know when to follow up by setting reminders. Upload and attach documents, and  keep all relevant notes in one place. Sort Potentials by close date or deal size to easily prioritize and be efficient with follow ups.

Recurring potentials are never forgotten and renew automatically when the deal is closed.  Be reminded of important details when the potential is linked to a particular venue.

  • Set recurring sales to automatically renew as a new potential upon close
  • Sort potential sales by salesperson, date, potential size, and more
  • See venue notes while you build your estimate so you don’t forget anything

Mobile Access

Why limit access to your desktop or laptop? Mobile access is critical to sales meetings on the go. Look up all relevant client notes prior to walking into a meeting. Search previous deals, look up account information, adjust event times, and more.

You can use any device, anywhere. Cheetah automatically scales to your screen size for easy reading and editing.

  • Fully supports any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)
  • Look up details for any contact, account, potential, product, etc.
  • Scan barcodes from a mobile device (coming soon)

Are you maximizing sales potential?

Track every detail and know your clients inside and out. Our CRM can help you organize and maximize all potential sales.