Sales Notes

Always Remember the Details

Recurring Events. Made Simple.

Recurring clients are great for any business. Cheetah helps you manage these relationships and ensure ongoing success. Any notes marked as “recurring” will generate for Potentials that are also marked as “recurring” and renew once closed.

Sales Notes

Keep track of all notes during the sale. Sometimes it might just be a note to follow up on a proposal, or call your client back next week, but Cheetah gives you a place to track all notes during the sales process, empowering you to sell faster and smarter.

Reservation Notes

You’re talking to the client today, but the event or shipment might not be for another 6 months. Record all details and mark notes relevant to the reservation so they show up on Staff Detail sheets and the reservation. This way, you have all information necessary when the time comes.

Staff Notes

Pass critical reservation notes to staff members easily and efficiently. Mark staff notes in the reservation and they will populate on Staff Details report that is sent with your crew.