The Contact Next date is when the customer is expected to make a purchasing decision. It may be defined by published bid deadlines, conversations with the client, or knowledge of their purchasing history. Contact Next dates are helpful for prioritizing and organizing potential sales. Not all customers make purchasing decisions with the exact same lead time. See below example:

City of Dallas…10/1/14 Contact Next Date…7/4/15 Event Date
City of Austin…1/5/15 Contact Next Date…6/1/15 Event Date
City of Houston…3/10/15 Contact Next Date…3/20/15 Event Date

Although the City of Houston’s event is chronologically first, they don’t make their purchasing decision until 10 days before their event. Therefore, as a Sales Manager, I want to focus my attention in order of Dallas, Austin, and then Houston.

While the contact next date is just one metric to sort and prioritize by, it is often seen as the most relevant for day to day sales activities, follow ups, etc. It is also important to note that contact next date is often a moving target, and should be adjusted as new information on the customer’s purchasing behavior changes.

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