Venues are locations where you operate. Cheetah BMS enables you to view all venues and add detailed information for each. Utilize this feature to make important sales notes for your team, upload relevant files such as floor plans or layouts, and view reservations scheduled at each venue.

You may want to record special notes about a venue so you can communicate special requirements to your team.

Relevant notes marked as Sales Notes are automatically displayed on Potentials and Estimates so your sales team is armed with important details throughout the sales or process. Additionally, notes marked as Reservation Notes, appear on Reservations with the option to include the notes on Pull Sheets or Staff Details Sheets.

Maybe a particular venue might require all dock appointments to be scheduled 24 hours in advance, or perhaps your crew might need to park in a specific lot and go through a specific entrance. You can also upload and attach relevant documents such as room layouts so they can be referenced later. All of this information is meant to keep you and your team on the same page, and to eliminate as many potential problems as possible.

Upload files and documents such as floor plans and diagrams for future reference.


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