• Use the Staffing tab to schedule staff members and send confirmation emails using customizable templates.
  • Set the Staff Needed quantity to be the total number of staff members required.
  • If there is specific Staff Attire instructions, they can be added and will appear on the staff details sheet.
  • You can add Staff Members in three ways:
    • Lookup Staff
      • Click this button to search your Staff database. You can seach by name, certification, or tag. If using coordinates, you can also search distance from a particular geographic pin (i.e. within 50 miles of your event location).
    • Assign New Staff (click drop down arrow)
      • A new row will be added. Search by staff member name, enter call time, end time, status, and any notes.
    • Create New Contact (click drop down arrow)
      • A new box will appear and you can quickly create a new staff member and add contact information.
    • Select multiple Staff members and click Send Email to populate and open an email in your native email client (i.e. Outlook or Gmail) using a pre-built template with data merged from Cheetah.
    • Export the Staff Details PDF at the top of the page. You can email or print this information for your Staff.
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