From the Cheetah home page, click on Accounts in the main navigation bar to begin adding clients.

Click on Add New Account and you will be prompted to add details for your first account.

add new account

To edit a row, double-click on the row to begin editing, or click on the pencil icon for the corresponding row. Then, click Save, to save your changes.

add new account 2

Once your information is saved, the newly created account will become a clickable link. Click on the account name to access the account detail page and add additional information.

add new account 3

Basic Account information is seen under the Account Profile tab.

  • Update Account Profile
    • Locate the charcoal navigation bar for account and click on Account Profile. (Note: your browser will default to this tab.)
    • Select the Wholesale Customer box to apply default wholesale discount rates for all transactions with this client.
    • Select the Tax Exempt option to omit a tax charge for all transactions with this client by default.
    • Click on Tag Account to categorize your client. (Note: You can attach a tag only if it was created previously in Company Settings.)
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