An invoice is a document distributed to a client stating the products or services purchased and the details of the sale.  Invoices may be created in two different ways:

  • Create Invoice from the Accounting Tab:
    • Hover over the Sales tab on the main navigation bar, and select Accounting. On the charcoal navigation bar, select Invoices (first tab).
    • Click on Add New Invoice enter the due date (required) and optional information, such as the related estimate number, related account, and status.
    • Once saved, an invoice number is automatically generated.


  • Create Invoice from an Estimate:
    • Hover over the Sales tab, and click Estimates.
    • Select an estimate number
    • Click Create Invoice. An invoice number will then appear below the Estimate Information, above the estimate lines.


  • Click Generate PDF to view the invoice in a separate window to be printed or saved to your computer.
  • Click Update Invoice if you would like to push updates to an Invoice after making changes to the connected Estimate
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