There are two ways to add Reservations. Click Estimates under Sales on the Main Navigation Menu. Click on the Estimate Number of an Estimate you would like to add a Reservation to. Then in the upper right corner choose Create Reservation as shown in the image below.


A new Pop up dialog box will appear asking to finalize a few details. When finished, click Save.

The second way to add a Reservation is as follows.

Click Reservation in the main Navigation Bar. Then click the Add New Reservation button as shown in the image below.


Fill in the preceding fields including Reservation Name and add an Account as well. The Reservation number will automatically be generated. When finished, click Save. To view and edit the Reservation in an extended view, click on a Reservation #. This view will allow you to add further details to your Reservation including linking a Potential and/or Estimate.

An important detail that should be added to your Reservations is a Location. Still in the extended editable Reservation view, choose a Location from the drop down menu, demonstrated in the image below. You can always update your Locations under Company Settings.


You also have the ability to add Line Item Products, Notes, Contacts, and Pull Sheet PDF generation from each individual Reservation Edit Page.

An important feature of Reservations is adding Products that might be used by your organization or sold/consumed by your organization during the reserved event. From the Extended Reservation detail page click New Line Items as shown in the image below.


A new row will be added. Click the magnifying glass in the Product field and choose a Product from your list. Add a Description, Out/In Date, Quantity, and the Location the Product should be pulled from.  Utilizing these features insures that certain equipment or products will be accounted for during your Reservation.

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