To generate a repair-ticket click on Repairs underneath the Products tab on the main Navigation menu. Then click on Create New Repair Ticket. In the dialog box that pops up, enter in the necessary information including Serial, Sub-location, and Quantity. You can also hit the magnifying glass search icon in the field to search for the items serial number and where the item is located demonstrated in the images below.



When you have the correct item listed in the form click Save/Close. The Repair Ticket will now show up on the page.


Click on the Repair Number and it will take you to an extended editable page showing the details of the item to be repaired. This page allows you to add repair notes, and Upload Pictures/Files. When the repair is complete you can click Resolve to mark the issue as resolved.


The repair ticket will still exist as a resolved record in your repair ticket list. You can also Delete the repair ticket by clicking Delete at the top right of each repair ticket.

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