There are two ways to create an Invoice. You can create an Invoice based upon an estimate that you created, or create a custom invoice to quickly print for a customer.

To create an invoice based upon an Estimate, click on Estimates from the Sales menu on the Main Navigation bar.  Then click on the Estimate Number to bring up the extended Estimate edit page demonstrated below.


Once you have selected your Estimate, you will be brought to a page that allows you to edit your estimate. From this screen, you can add additional Products and update the Estimate total before you create the Invoice. When your Estimate is ready, click the Create Invoice button as shown below.


Your Invoice will then be created. Your new Invoice will then be listed on the Estimate page, demonstrated on the image below. You can update the Invoice from the Estimate in the future by clicking Update Invoice.


To view your Invoice, simply click on the Invoice Number. From there you can Print and Share the Invoice with your employees and customers. You can also view all of your Invoices by selecting Accounting, located under the Sales menu on the Main Navigation bar.

The second way to create an Invoice allows you to create one with or without an Estimate. This route is effective when time is short and you need an Invoice quickly. To do this select Accounting, located under the Sales menu on the Main Navigation bar.


Click the Add New Invoice button and a new row will be added to the table. You can then optionally add an Estimate Number and Account. When finished, view the full details of your Invoice by clicking on the Invoice Number. On the preceding screen you can begin adding products by selecting New Line Item. When your Invoice is complete, click Generate PDF. An example of an Invoice utilizing a Company Logo is shown in the image below.


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