Estimates allow your company to keep track of estimate data from your company. For each Potential, you can have multiple Estimates. There are two ways to create an Estimate. First choose Estimates under the Sales menu on the main Navigation bar and click New Estimate.


Fill in the available fields. The Estimate number will be automatically created. Click the magnifying glass in the Potential field and choose one from the Pop up Box. When finished click the Save button.


After your Estimate is created you can click on the Estimate Number to open an extended editable view seen in the image below.


To update the price of your Estimate, click New Line Items. Line Items are tied to your Products and their respective pricing. Adding a Line Item Product will update your Estimate Total. Click Save after you’re done adding Line Items.

An alternate way to add an estimate is to add it from the Potential page. Click Potentials underneath Sales on the Main Navigation Bar. Choose a Potential from the table by clicking on the individual Potential Name. This will bring you to the Potential Detail Page shown in the image below.


Click the Estimates Tab. From this screen you can create different estimates for each of your Potential Sales. Click the Create New Estimate button and fill in the available fields. When finished, click Save. As before you can click on the Estimate Number to bring up an extended editable view. This method will pass certain fields from your Potential to your Estimate.

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