• Hover over Reservations on the main navigation and select Check Out/In.
  • To begin Check Out, click on a reservation name. You can also search for a reservation by clicking the search box and scanning the barcode at the top of a pull sheet. This is helpful if you have a stack of pull sheets or orders to check out.
  • Print the Pull Sheet and see a list of items on your reservation. Any generic products will have the barcode provided for your convenience. That’s because generic items typically don’t have the barcode on them.
  • Free Scan is best used with a barcode scanner.
    • Your reservation products are listed on the left column in red with “X/Y.” “Y” represents the total quantity required on your reservation. As you scan and save your Check Out, the “X” quantity represents the total quantity of that products that have been scanned so far. Each line will turn green once X equals Y.
    • Place your cursor in the serial box and begin scanning. Upon scanning, you will be prompted to select the sublocation from which you are scanning out from. This sublocation will become the default until you change it. It is recommended that you scan all needed products from a single sublocation before moving to the next- this will increase efficiency and speed of the Check Out process.
  • Virtual Scan is best used when a barcode scanner is not available.
    • Click on the Reservation Tab. A list of your products will appear. Click the barcode icon on the left side of a row. A pop up with corresponding serial numbers will appear. Select the Serial Numbers you are virtually scanning, adjust the quantity (if the product is a generic) and click the Check Out Item(s)
  • The Shipping Manifest is a record of what has actually been scanned, the details of the scan, as a separate log to compare to the reservation. The Check In process will use the Shipping Manifest so you know what to expect back in case it varies from the Reservation.

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