One great feature of Cheetah is being able to easily manage your products and company equipment. Combined with the Reservation feature, you can efficiently keep track of all products associated with your company events. This also allows you to manage inventory at multiple locations.

To use this feature you must first make sure and have your inventory entered into the Products page and a Reservation setup with Line item products associated with the Reservation. After you have your inventory setup, click on Check Out/In located under Reservations on the main Navigation Panel.


This will bring you to the Check Out screen seen in the image above. From here, enter the Reservation name into the Scan Here box or simply choose the Reservation Name from the table below it. This will bring you to the Check Out-Reservation page. Click on the Free Scan tab as seen in the image below.


You can now click on Pull Sheet which will generate a printable PDF listing the inventory required for your scheduled Reservation. With the Free Scan tab still selected, fill in Qty, Sub-location, and hit Enter on your keyboard or press the Scan button. The Type for the Check Out Ticket will be pulled automatically from the Reservation line item.. A Serial/Sku scanner can be utilized to quickly populate the serial field, or it can be easily filled in manually. Hit the Save button or press (ctrl + s) on your keyboard to update your progress on the pull list on the left side of the screen When all of the required materials are checked out, click the Finalize Check Out button. Your Products are now checked out. You can confirm this by making sure that the red boxes under Qty should now be Green as shown below.


This process is mirrored with the Check In function.

To begin checking in your inventory, click on the Check Out/In located under Reservations on the main Navigation Panel. Then choose the Check In tab. Once again choose the Reservation that your inventory was checked out under. Click on the Shipping Manifest button to see sharable and printable details about your checked out items. Compare your items to this manifest. Enter in the Serials, Qty, and Sub-location. After you have filled in each field click Scan and then Save.

As you can see in the image below, the checked in Product Qty turns green when the entire checked out quantity has been checked in. When you have finished checking in the inventory click Finalize Check Out.


in Check Out/In

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