To add a Product, click on the Products tab on the Top Navigation Bar and click Add New .


Fill in the fields for Product Name, Description, Product Category, and Internal Notes. You also have the option to assign Product Settings, Dimensions and Pricing. When complete, click Add Serial Numbers.


Enter in the unique serial number for your product and click Save & Add Stock.


Next enter in the Product Quantity and choose the Sub-Location of the Product created under Company Settings. When Finished, click Save & Close or choose Save & New to save and begin adding another product.


Products are the items in your inventory. There are a few types of products:

  • Serialized Products are tracked individually by serial number. Typically, these are more expensive and complex products that you will want to scan out individually per reservation and track the history and repair of them individually. This is the default product type in Cheetah. When you use auto-sequential serial numbers, the serial number will increase by one each time you add a new serial number after the first one. For example, computers, handheld radios, vehicles, etc.
  • Generic Products have one serial number that represents all stock of a given product. These are usually less expensive products that you do not need to track on an individual basis. For example, extension cords, chairs, water coolers, etc.
  • Consumable Products include generic items that are expendable and not expected to return to your inventory. For example, masking tape, fog fluid, confetti, etc.
  • Virtual Products are intangible and put onto estimates or invoices, but not transferred to a reservation or scanned out. For example, trucking, shipping, labor, etc.


Adjusting Inventory

Select Products from the Main Navigation Bar and click on the Serial Numbers Tab. To adjust your product inventory, find the product you wish to edit and click on its Product Name. Click on the right arrow icon as displayed in the image above. A drop down box will appear below. Then click the pencil icon to Edit Row. From this screen you can now adjust your inventory or change the Sub-Location of the selected product. When you’re finished, click Save..

You can also edit your Inventory by using the Stock table. To do this, click on Products from the Main Navigation Bar. Click on the Product Name and a new page will open. Next click on the Go to Serial Page button for the product’s Stock you wish to edit, demonstrated in the image below.


On the preceding page you will have the option to Add Stock. You can also click the pencil icon to edit the Quantity per Sub-Location. When you are satisfied with your changes click the Save button. All stock changes made here can be viewed by clicking the Stock Changes button.


Editing Serial Numbers

Select Products from the Main Navigation Bar. Search through your inventory and find the product that you wish to edit. Click on the Product name.


Navigate to the Serial Number Details Tab. You can then edit the Serial Number of the Product. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the Save button.

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