Assets. Consumables. Generics. Virtual Products. Track them All.

Consumables & Generics

Consumables are typically generic products with one serial number. They are reserved, shipped, and not expected back. You can track a history of inventory for these products in the product dashboard.

Serialized Assets

Tracking equipment is a challenge, but Cheetah gives you a complete view on your serialized assets. Know what equipment has been checked out to which events, rented to what customers, when it was checked in, repaired, and who handled it along the way.

Related Products

Relate products to each other so you never forget necessary accessories or upsell opportunities. For example, a certain type of tripod might be a related accessory for a camera. When added to an Estimate or Reservation, the related products are suggested to the user.

File Upload

Attach files like user manuals, assembly or user instructions, CAD drawings, etc. to products for easy and quick reference at another time. Each organization receives 11GB of file storage plus 2GB per user.