Fireworks & Special Effects

Business Management Software

Equipment & Inventory

Racks & Firing Systems

Crucial equipment allocation must be planned well in advance. Reserving firing systems (slats, modules, etc.) and racks can be done as shows are booked and designed, allowing you to know what you need weeks to months prior to 4th of July or your other busy times of the year. Do the same with fireworks and other equipment and know what you need, when you need it. After the display, check equipment back in and know which gear was at what show.

Venue Management

Maximize your Site Visits

Easily record details for all venues and shoot sites. Share this information with your team and ensure no information is lost. Upload and attach siteplans, maps, and any other documents to a venue. Know who your main contacts are and have relevant notes populate during the sales process.

AHJ Communication

Track Permits & Regulations with Ease

Track special requirements in each municipality, township, or State you operate in. By logging these details, you’ll have a central location that can be shared with your team to speed up permit acquisition. Upload and attach licenses, permits, siteplans and more.


We have years of experience in the Fireworks & Special Effects Industry and can assist you with a smooth integration.