Looking for a Specific Feature?

Cheetah BMS was built to provide solutions that help you run your business, faster.

How can we best track recurring clients?

Each potential sale can be marked as “recurring.” When the Potential is marked as “closed-won” or “closed-lost” a new Potential will be automatically created. This automation prevents the loss of valuable, recurring client business, or potential business.

Can notes carry forward with recurring potential sales?

Yes! Each note for potential sales can be marked to carry forward with a recurring event. Certain notes might not be important year to year, but for those that are, this ensures critical information is not lost.

Can I track specific notes and documents for each venue?

Yes! When a venue is specified for a potential sale, relevant notes are automatically displayed so your sales team can be armed with important details during the sales process. Documents such as room layouts and diagrams, can also be uploaded for future reference.

Do I need expensive barcode scanners?

No! Any barcode scanner will work that can provide a return carriage (“Enter”) after the barcode is scanned. Most customers utilize a USB or Wireless Bluetooth scanner.

Can I utilize my existing barcodes or barcode scanners?

Yes! As long as the barcode scanner can provide a return carriage (“Enter”) following the scan, your barcode scanner will work. A list of existing barcodes corresponding to their equipment can be uploaded to Cheetah.

How can I prevent double booking?

Equipment can be reserved for a specified date range and time. When quoting a customer, Cheetah will advise if stock is available for the potential’s date and time range. Conflicting reservations can be viewed within the quote page and resolved or changed, if necessary.

Can tasks be transferred between users?

Yes! Tasks can be assigned or reassigned to any user, at any time.

Can tasks be associated with different types of records?

Yes. Tasks can be related to Accounts, Potentials, or other objects. Users can see related tasks on the tasks tab when they view a related object.

What operating systems are supported?

Cheetah is a web-based application and can operate on Mac or Windows computers, as well as various mobile platforms. An internet connection is required.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is secured by a billion-dollar infrastructure with world class security and regular backups.

What are the cost advantages to cloud computing?

Traditional software requires a large upfront purchase and updates typically require an additional investment. With SAAS (Software-as-a-Service), annual commitments are much more affordable than a multi-year investment, due upfront. In addition, no expensive hardware or infrastructure costs are required and you don’t need a large IT team.