Party & Event Rental

Rental Inventory Management & CRM Software

Equipment & Inventory

Equipment Reservation and Tracking

Crucial equipment allocation must be planned well in advance. Reserving lighting rigs, truss, staging, audio and more can be done as productions are booked and planned, allowing you to know what you need weeks before the event. Easily prevent over or double booking and know what you have available, and when. Our system works seamlessly for both dry-hires and productions simultaneously. After the event, check equipment back in and know which gear was at what show.

Venue Management

Record and Archive Venue Details

Every gig is a learning opportunity. Record notes for each venue so you never forget the specifics for each location you work. Share this information with your team and ensure no information is lost. Upload and attach room layouts, maps, and any other documents to a venue. Know who your main contacts are and have relevant notes populate during the sales process so you never lose a detail.

Team Communication

Share Information with Ease

Big events require seamless communication between team members. The sales team can make notes on an event months before they become relevant for the delivery drivers and setup crew.  These notes are later printed out on relevant reports and documents when you get to the appropriate stage of the event.

Related Products

Build an estimate and see related products that are required and optional upsells to maximize your potential sale.

Staffing Notes

Create notes during the sales process and share them with your team. Clients will love that you remember the details.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Cheetah is built in the cloud, so you can access your information and work from anywhere, any time with internet access.