How Do You Use Your Equipment?

Equipment Rental. Consumable Sales. Equipment Sales. Equipment Rental and Consumable Sales. Consumables and Equipment Sales. Productions with Equipment Rentals. Productions with Consumable Sales and Equipment Rental. Productions with consumables. Productions with Equipment Rentals and Equipment Sales…

Cheetah manages it all.

Products & Equipment

Create or import your list of products and equipment. Whether you are tracking inventory of consumables like gaff tape, generics such as extension cords, or expensive serialized assets like lighting consoles, Cheetah helps you know what you have, and where it’s been.

  • Attach notes or documents (such as instructions or manuals) to products
  • Set various pricing levels for the same product group
  • View serialized product history- check outs, repairs, maintenance, etc.

Create a Reservation

Nobody wants to overbook, so it’s important to reserve everything the customer orders for the event or project date range. Set the “check out” and  “check in” dates to ensure products or equipment won’t be double booked. All items are reserved as generics and then the specific barcode is tracked when the item is checked out.

  • Quickly check availability for a given date range
  • Hold stock and reserve products upon quoting clients
  • Adjust reservation dates and times per product

Check in/Check Out

Manage all aspects of equipment and inventory. Check out products and equipment as it leaves the warehouse and automatically compare against the reservation pick list as you go. After the event or rental, return gear with our Check In feature and tag equipment for repair, if needed.

  • Know which assets were rented out to a particular customer or event
  • Temporarily remove damaged items from availability that need repair
  • Our interactive check out shows your progress as products are scanned out
  • Pull sheets display barcodes of generics and consumables to speed up the picking process

Repairs & Maintenance

Whether it’s damage on a show, or preventative maintenance, sometimes equipment needs to be out for repair. Easily create a repair ticket, log notes about the maintenance, and automatically mark the item as unavailable for a given time period so it’s not double booked. Repair departments have a central repair dashboard that helps them know what’s been out the longest and when the next item is needed.

  • See a complete repair or maintenance history per serialized product
  • Create repair tickets upon check in and make notes for the repair department
  • Estimate repair times to communicate when the item will be back in service