Cheetah. Customized

Move your business Fast, your way.

Customize Documents

Before generating an estimate, the user can choose which fields should be displayed on the PDF document. For example, if the estimate is for a sale (not rental), you can opt not to show the return date.

Custom Email Templates

Quickly create templates and customize the subject, body and whether or not the message is a mass email (sent to many people at once), or you want each staff email to be unique. Use “mail merge” fields to automatically include details about the event such as date, time, location, and more.

Custom Fields

Need to track something specific for your company? Custom fields may be added for estimates, potentials, products, serial numbers, and reservations. Once added, custom fields will display under the “Custom Fields” section on each page.

Product Organization

Organize products in ways that work for your organization and product lineup. You can use categories and product tags to associate products in various ways.

Custom Logos

Upload your logo to invoices, estimates, and other documents generated by Cheetah. Branding is important and we give you the flexibility to show off with stylish PDFs.

Ready to run Fast, and customized?

Users can customize a variety of settings so Cheetah helps them run their way.