Barcode Scanning. Made Fast.

Intelligent Pull Sheets

Generic barcodes will print on pull sheets since there is one barcode for the entire inventory of a given product. Serialized assets will not show a barcode on the pull sheet since your users will need to select a given product and then scan it. This gives ultimate flexibility on serialized assets while making it easy for the user to scan generics.

No Special Scanners Required

Cheetah was built to be versatile and simple for our users. Virtually any barcode scanner that can do a “carriage return” will work with Cheetah. No expensive barcode scanners are necessary and almost any scanner will do the job, wired or wireless.

No Expensive Barcode Printers

You can change the barcode for a product any time. Sometimes barcodes get scratched, damaged, wet, or just fall off. Instead of constantly printing new barcodes and maintaining a special printer, users can have a roll of weatherproof and durable barcodes printed in advance. If a barcode needs to be replaced for an item, just assign the new number in Cheetah and you’re good to go.